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Tonlé & Sela

We are Missionaries, serving long term with The Hard Places Community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, S.E.Asia. We met here in Cambodia in 2016, got married October 2017, and now have 2 sons: Tonlé and Sela. Michael runs a men's discipleship program and training restaurant called Century 9, and Emma is mostly looking after our boys but gets to do a little creative Arts projects, ministry, and trainings. We feel so privileged to serve here, and to get to see God's redemption, healing and hope daily in this beautiful nation. 

Cambodia's fairly recent history is one of darkness, evil and trauma. In the 1970's under the Khmer Rouge Regime there was a genocide killing an estimated 1/3 of the population. People were systematically murdered for having an education, being creative, wearing glasses, etc. Many others also died from starvation and disease. The country was devastated, with all systems destroyed, and many people left deeply traumatized and in survival mode. Modern day predominantly Buddhist Cambodia looks like it's beginning to develop and thrive from the outside, but under the surface people are deeply broken, and there are many needs. We see God doing mighty work as we work with victims of sexual exploitation, addiction, trauma, and abuse. God loves Cambodia!




The Hard

Places Community

We are serving as Core Team Missionaries with The Hard Places Community, an international group of like-minded believers in Jesus Christ whose mission is to see justice prevail, pain redeemed, hope reborn, and life restored in the hearts of those the world deems to be the most broken. Our vision is to bring hope to the hopeless in the darkest corners of this world. See more at:

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