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An outreach of The Hard Places Community

Emma is an Artist and Designer, she has lived in Phnom Penh since 2011,

working against sex trafficking and using her creativity to help people encounter God.  

BangKaut Thmey means 'Create New' or 'New Creation' in Khmer. 

Emma has worked with men, women and children who have been involved in trafficking or those who are at high risk of being trafficked. We come against strongholds of addictions, abuse and poverty. Emma offers skills training, creative workshops, therapeutic arts programs, prayer and worship sessions, kids clubs and Bible teaching. Our aim is for every person we spend time with to know the loving presence of Jesus, and as relationships build to help people walk into emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 




At BangKaut Thmey we believe God restores all the enemy has come to kill, steal and destroy from individuals and families. In a community plagued by generations of trauma and brokenness, creativity provides an outlet for people to process their feelings, share their hearts, and connect with God. God's truths overthrow the lies and restore identity and hope. 


God's power to heal is for all of us, and we get to share Jesus love with others as we partner with The Holy Spirit to seek physical, emotional and spiritual healing for all. We love to pray for the sick, the broken and the hurting, we

love to create art, music etc. to bring healing to people in the community. We believe God is going to do even more

miracles and wonders and reveal His heart of love and acceptance to His children. 


Cambodian education offers little in the way of creativity, and it is usual for people to copy rather than create something new. We dream of seeing a generation grow up who are bringing new creativity to Cambodia,

encouraging people to partner with God to bring Heaven to Earth through new art, music, dance, fashion, 

sculpture, etc. etc. We look forward to seeing Cambodia as a leader in the global arts scene. 

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