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May we never forget that the Lord works wonders for every one of His chosen lovers. And this is how I know He will answer my every prayer. -Psalm 4:3 TPT

I believe we read The Bible to know who God was and all He's done for us, so we know who God is and what He will do for us.

I’m on a wild journey called life which has currently, as most of you know, brought me to The Kingdom of Cambodia. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s been being honest and vulnerable with my heart and where I’m at. Most of the time, maybe even always, the easiest answer isn't the true answer. The “I’m fine” mentality isn't the way to step forward into the more of God.

It’s been 3 months since moving here now and honestly speaking it hasn't been easy for me spiritually. Many days here I’ve felt like I moved to the other side of the world but the Lord stayed in California. Things that were so easy for me back home have been a bit challenging for me here. The ways I connected to the Lord; nature, reading, writing, mountain biking, scriptures, friends and family, at home were so easy and always felt right but the last few months in Cambodia these things and just connecting with the Lord in general have felt like more of a “task”.  All the while, like my days of drug detox, my soul has been craving, more and more, the presence of God.

Erwin McManus says, “It is insanity to run from God and search for Love.”

Running from the One who is Love on a search to find love.

Since arriving in Cambodia I’ve been on a search to find “my way”, to find how or where I fit into life here, at the same time disconnecting myself from the Lord. On a search for Love and belonging in the streets of this Kingdom instead of His Kingdom, just to now return to the same place realizing that though I felt disconnected from Him, He was never disconnected from me.

Isn't it crazy how we will spend so much time searching for what we already have.

The last week I've been reading my past journals which have lead me into scriptures and prayers of gratitude. Reflecting on dreams, prayers, struggles, and life that I wrote about years ago, I can now see the work of the Lord in my life. I’m reminded of who He was and what He has done for me so today I'm confident in who He is and what He will do for me. Reading through the beginning of Psalms I can relate to David in so many ways. I am not perfect, I struggle, I get discouraged and at times I feel like there is so much darkness around me with smooth words and sharp arrows but still I choose to believe in the power and the bigger dream of God. I choose to believe that just as He has shown up for me in the past He will show up for me today and everyday.

Going into this new year 2017, my prayer is that I, we all, give the Lord the right to direct our life. I pray we all have eyes to see the continuous ways the Lord works wonders on our behalf as we continue on the path of discovering the truth and purpose in this Life.


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