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Update from Bangkok - August 2018

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

How are we, where are we, and what are we up to?

We arrived in Bangkok 6 days ago (airlines won't let pregnant women fly after 35 weeks), we are settled into a little apartment here, waiting for our baby to arrive... Emma is now 36 weeks pregnant and feeling a little tired but other than that in good health. We had an appointment with the hospital here yesterday and all is well with both Emma and baby Kenyon. Hospitals in Cambodia have limited facilities, and no NICU (incase the baby needed additional care), where as the hospitals here in Bangkok are well equipped.

Michael is well, just getting over another round of food poisoning (part of life for us here in SE Asia) but really excited for the arrival of our son.

The past 8 months have been so exciting, but also very busy, opening 2 new ministries, Emma the Art Centre, and Michael Century 9 restaurant. What God has allowed us to be part of is so amazing, but also steep learning curves, and a lot of work. We are very ready for this time of rest, slower pace, and some time together in Bangkok to enjoy before having our baby. 

We feel so thankful to be here in Thailand with good medical facilities. So thankful for our health insurance (pregnancy coverage starts september 4th, so pray he doesn't come sooner). And most of all so thankful to God for the blessing of a precious baby boy about to join our family. 

THANK YOU For your thoughts, prayer, and all the beautiful baby gifts!

We have received so many gifts, messages of encouragement and prayer for our baby - thank you everyone who has so generously blessed us/him with baby things. We received a couple of gifts with no sending name, so sorry if we were not able to thank you personally, but we feel so loved and supported by you all. 

We would love your prayer support: For continued healthy pregnancy and baby to arrive in God’s perfect timing.

God gave us a 1st name for our boy, we are still praying about what middle  name he should have, please pray with us to hear God about this.

For the baby’s passport application process to be quick and easy once he  arrives, so we can head home to Cambodia.

For staff at BangKaut Thmey Art Centre and Century 9 Restaurant, to  continue to lead with excellence and wisdom while we are away.

We are praying to find spiritual mentors, as we are newly-weds, new  parents-to-be, leaders of 2 new ministries, and investing a lot in others,  we would love to find a wise couple who can mentor us.

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