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Website Launch/Still in Bangkok

We've Launched our new Website

We are excited to announce the launch or our new website! Please go check it out. We will be updating the site with news, blogs, and current needs. Just one more way to stay up to date with our family and our work in Cambodia. Let us know what you think. Link to website below.

Still in Bangkok 39weeks+

We are currently still in Bangkok and just over 39 weeks pregnant. No baby yet. Emma is doing well. She is getting quite tired, over being pregnant, and ready for Baby K to come out. The doctor says he can come anytime now so we've been out walking, getting quite painful "get the baby out" foot massages, and doing all the exercises to get him out. We trust and know that God has the perfect birthday for him. We're so excited to meet him and introduce him to all of you. Please continue the pray with us. 

We are still in Bangkok and would love your prayer support: For patience, peace, and grace, Lots and Lots of grace!

For continued healthy pregnancy and baby to arrive in God’s perfect timing ( 'due date' is this week, so we're hoping he arrives soon...).

Wisdom as we become parents and for parenting together to draw us closer and stronger as husband and wife. God gave us a 1st name for our boy, we are still praying about what middle name he should have, please pray with us to hear God about this. Praise Report: We now have our Sons full name and we are excited to share it with you soon! For the baby’s passport application process to be quick and easy once he arrives, so we can head home to Cambodia.

For staff at BangKaut Thmey Art Centre and Century 9 Restaurant, to  continue to lead with excellence and wisdom while we are away.

We are praying to find spiritual mentors, as we are newly-weds, new  parents-to-be, leaders of 2 new ministries, and investing a lot in others, we would love to find a wise couple who can mentor us.

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